Manual handling training in Taunton

Are you concerned about your workers when they perform heavy lifting? If your employees are involved in lifting or carrying as part of their work, a manual handling training course will help them understand the hazards associated with manual handling and how to reduce any risks of injury. First Response offers comprehensive manual handling training in Taunton, and serves nationwide.

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Who is it for?

Most workplace roles require some manual handling, and even people who work at a desk may find themselves lifting boxes of papers or office equipment. For people who move any load by hand on a regular basis, this course is essential to avoid the risk of injury. You can book your manual handling training in Taunton, by filling in the contact form below.

What is included in manual handling training?

  • How to avoid manual handling: It is not shirking your duty to want to avoid manual handling if at all possible. In many instances, there is machinery available to take the load. By reducing the amount of manual handling in the workplace, the risk of injury diminishes exponentially.
  • How to risk assess a manual handling task: From gauging the weight and bulk of the item, to assessing the distance and terrain over which it needs to be carried, including potential obstacles, all of these form part of a manual handling risk assessment.
  • Knowing the common injuries and how to avoid them: Trainees will be taught about the most common injuries connected with manual handling, and how best to avoid them. Back injuries are the classic example, and learners are taught how to look after themselves while lifting.



Helping your business reduce the costs of injury

With the First Response manual handling training in Taunton, your employers will recognise how to reduce the risk of injury from hazardous manual handling to as low as reasonably practicable. We also provide a range of first aid courses based in Taunton in Somerset, and will travel to provide training anywhere in the UK if necessary.

If you are looking for manual handling courses then get in touch with our friendly team using the details below and make a booking for yourself or your team.


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How To Book Your Health and Safety Course

  • Contact us via the contact form that follows
  • Inform us the training you would like to take
  • We will plan structured training around your business
  • We will prepare pricing (dependent on your size and needs)
  • We send quote and book suitable time

If you are looking for health and safety training courses then get in touch with our friendly team using the details below and make a booking for you or your staff.


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