Health and safety training in Taunton

Everyone in your company is responsible for health and safety. Employers and employees are required by law to work in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of others, or themselves. First Response provides health and safety training in Taunton, and nationwide, to businesses and tradespeople alike.

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Why health and safety training?

  • Meeting your legal duty look after the health and safety of your employees
  • Help your employees to assess risk and mitigate it more effectively
  • Develop a positive health and safety culture, and promote good habits
  • Reduce the financial cost of accidents, and reducing accidents themselves

Health and safety awareness is a life skill, and enables you to spot potential danger and hazardous situations before they arise, and anticipate risk not only in your current workplace, but in future roles, and even around the home. With First Response, we provide health and safety training in Taunton that will give you good habits and instincts for the rest of your life.


Providing health and safety training in Taunton and beyond

As the Health and Safety Executive directs: Everyone who works for you needs to know how to work safely and without risk to their health. This includes contractors and self-employed people. First Response provides health and safety training in Taunton, and serves businesses nationwide.

What’s included in the health and safety training course?

  • Slips trips and falls, and how to prevent them
  • Manual handling essentials – we also run a specific course on this here
  • Fire awareness and planning an escape
  • Recognising health and safety signs
  • Electrical safety



Health and Safety Training from the experts

First Response are here to help with health and safety training in Taunton, and provide a wide range of other essential workplace courses for businesses nationwide. We provide a range of first aid courses based in Taunton in Somerset, and will travel to provide training anywhere in the UK. You can also book a comprehensive fire safety course, enabling the training of fire marshals, and your staff to be able to handle fires safely and effectively.


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How To Book Your Health and Safety Course

  • Contact us via the contact form that follows
  • Inform us the training you would like to take
  • We will plan structured training around your business
  • We will prepare pricing (dependent on your size and needs)
  • We send quote and book suitable time

If you are looking for health and safety training courses then get in touch with our friendly team using the details below and make a booking for you or your staff.


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